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6. Installing modified systems programs

We now need to install modified systems programs. Two important programs to consider are cron and logrotate. For other packages, see for a list of what you will need to install.

Use your package management tool (se_dselect, se_apt-get or se_dpkg for Debian users) to install the packages you choose.

6.2 Example: why cron?

A modified version of cron is needed so that user's cron jobs can be run in the correct context. Also, cron has to be able to check the type of the crontab file to ensure it has not been created by someone who is not authorised for that cron domain.

6.3 Example: why logrotate?

A modified version of logrotate is needed so that when a new log file is created, it is assigned the same type as the old file which has been renamed.
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