Okay, this page is for the restaurants I like or dislike. All I have are the names and not addresses as I can't recall exact details. I'm not going to bother with giving them a star-rating.

Here's why. A group of us went there, ordered our drinks and keeping to ourselves. The boss that night (behind the bar) got extremely assholey with us about some snackfood we were eating, grabbed it off our table and told us to get out. On the way out, he grabbed me roughly and yanked me back (thank God for martial arts training and good reflexes) because our bill payment was 5 euros short. An honest mistake but this is a big guy, physically assaulting me who was smaller than him. Clearly, a man who enjoys pushing women around. Don't go there. The drinks were poorly made, way overpriced and contained a lovely bit of long hair. And of course, rough treatment of female customers with no knowledge or consideration whether the female is in fact pregnant. Don't go there, unless you want to knee him in the balls for me.


Walter's Wine Bar (Southbank): Exceptional food, great wines.

Pireaus Blues (Brunswick St, Fitzroy): Best Greek restaurant IMHO, multiple winner of The Age Best Greek Restaurant award. We had our wedding dinner reception here and the food and service was top notch.

Flower Drum (Market Lane, city): Wins all those best restaurant awards, and is supposed to be Australian's best restaurant. The food is delicious yes, but nothing awe inspiring and dare I say it, quite overrated. With the prices they charge for tiny portions, you're just paying for the name. You can find places in Chinatown which cost a fraction of the Flower Drum prices and you get much more food. Service at Flower Drum is excellent though.

Pasta Veloce (on Lygon Street): I love this place. I can't pass up the Chicken Parmigiana. The meal servings are huge.

Papa Gino's (on Lygon Street): good for pizza (try the bolognese pizza but be warned, sometimes it's not really that good but other times it's great. I take a risk when I order it there).

Il Gambero (on Lygon Street): I went there once on New Years Eve and was sitting outside with friends. The waitress/owner? could not wait to get rid of us, and practically threw us off the tables without asking if we wanted coffee or dessert. No we weren't drunk or rowdy! I've vowed never to go there again and this was many years ago.

New Delhi (Hampshire Road, Sunshine): this Indian restaurant is my absolute favourite in the entire world. The food and service are simply excellent. You and your tastebuds get treated like royalty. My favourites are the lamb saag, chicken korma and mango lassi.

Diamond Palace (Hampshire Road, Sunshine): great Chinese food. You'll leave there feeling stuffed.

Tiamo 2 (Lygon Street): never again. The food tasted nice, yes. But for the price I was paying (quite a bit compared to other restaurants on Lygon Street) I got 3 tiny pieces of veal, 1 cube of potato the size of my thumbnail, 2 cubes of carrot the same size, and 2 green beans cut in half. I'm serious.

Nyonya (Lygon Street, and Market Lane): One of my favourites. The green curry lamb is why I go there.

La Porchetta (many restaurants): I love their pizzas. Plain and simple.

Simply French (Southbank Upper Level): Unfortunately closed now.

Sara Pizza House (Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn): Fabulous pizzas. Very well priced.

Chris's Beacon Point Restaurant (Apollo Bay): up a very steep road but the food here is excellent. A must-eat-here if you're down Apollo Bay way.

Ginza Teppanyaki (Little Bourke St): If you're there for teppanyaki, prepare to have the chef throw your food at you. Literally. You are given a bib to wear, but you probably wouldn't want to wear Armani.

One Fitzroy Street (St Kilda): Love this place. Excellent food and service. Go for the profiteroles for dessert.

McDonalds: Don't go here.

We went to a number of nice restaurants in Sydney, unfortunately I only remember the name of one...

Coast (Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney): Excellent food, and lovely views over the water. Good selection of Australian wines.

As a general rule, stay away from any restaurant near a tourist site. Definitely not the places to try fine French food... we had some pretty bad luck with a few places, other places served a nice club sandwich.

Lucas Carton (Place Madeleine): 3 Michelin Star restaurant. Excellent food, and dinner jacket dress code. Blew a big hole in our bank account but we'd go back again.

First you have to be aware that if you want great customer service, Amsterdam is not the place. Wherever you go, except close-to-crap if not full-blown-crap service (unless you go to a more expensive place where they fall all over you).

Christophe (Leliegracht): I love this place. Excellent service and food. Okay, you pay through the nose but the food is superb. If you're happy to blow a few hundred guilders for two people (including a 3 course meal with wine) then this is your best bet.

La Rive (At the Amsterdam InterContinental Hotel). Two Michelin stars, great food and evil desserts. Excellent selection of cheeses and wine.

Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam (at the end of tram lijn 10, Van Hallstraat): I never understand why this place gets great reviews. We go there frequently as we live closeby. The service is always exceptionally slow, and the food (quite impressive on the menu) isn't that great. Sometimes fried meals (like Wiener Schnitzel) taste like they've been fried in oil used to cook fish previously. The tomatosoep is good though.

Tivoli (on Damrak): Good pizzas (as with most other places in Europe, pizza here is very thin so don't expect deep pan types of pizza).

BonTon (Nieuwezijds Kolk): I'm not a big fan of this place because there's not much on the menu which appeals to me, and the times I have been there the service has been torturously slow (how long does serving a drink take?!). I don't think I would go back there (unless they drastically changed the menu).

Lei Ping (along the bus lijn 18 route, past Westerpark): great meals from different parts of China. Good service too.

Tara's (on Rokin) and Hoopmans (Leidseplein) Irish pubs: Great meals (burgers and pies and good).

Mykonos (Leidseplein): Great Greek food, very good service.

Royal Thai (Leidseplein): relatively new, very good food and very good service.

Matia's (Leidseplein): The food here is great, but the service extremely slow and forgetful, however this is largely due to the fact they're quite busy and quite understaffed.

Sea Palace: The huge can't-miss-it floating Chinese/Indonesian restaurant a short walk from Centraal Station. Not exactly your cheapest bet for good Chinese/Indonesian food but bloody nice nonetheless.

Beems Brasserie (on Rokin): Good French food and service.

Brussels has fantastic restaurants. A great description I saw was "fine quality French food served in big Flemish portions". I guess it all depends on which place you go to...

Chez Pierre (Rue Jourdan): We went here last year when we visited Brussels and again last night and given that I'm still thinking about the food, that alone should tell you it was damn good. Chez Pierre is in the Ave. Louise area.

La Cueva de Castilla (Place Colignon): We found this place by accident, after becoming lost. It's the only time in my life I have been thankful for getting lost or we would not have found this place. The food was great and I would recommend it to anyone, except it's not in the touristy part of Brussels.

Ummm... we were in Venice for 4 nights and at the same place for 3 of those nights... the food was that great (hence the Michelin stars) that we couldn't resist.

Harry's Bar (Calle Vallaresso): Made famous by it's Bellini cocktails. This is by far the best restaurant I have ever gone to. Or one of the best. The bar downstairs is always full and it helps to make a reservation for the upstairs dining section.

Locanda Cipriani (island of Torcello): Lovely surroundings, with the Cathedral in the near distance. Fabulously prepared food and service.

I can't seem to find my notes and cards of the places I ate at, except one. Romanza. (Lower Leeson Street). A little uppity (you know, pretentious young pups trying to act all sophisticated while their soup is dripping on their shirt).

Other parts of Ireland
I'm going on memory here, but we did a tour through the Wicklow Mountains and part of the tour involved stopping at a place called Avoca. There was a food area in the Avoca Handweavers store building and the food was surprisingly good and diverse for a typical tourist trap. We also ate at a few restaurants and pubs in Howth which is a fishing centre and yachting town, pretty and quiet too. I can't remember any names of places we ate at, one really good cafe was called the Blue something, and another I think was the Abbey Tavern. And Irish breakfasts in our B'n'B (St. Brendan's) every morning, I'd recommend that B'n'B as the owners were great.