Well I figured I'd stick up a little FAQ of sorts for the miniscule number of people who read this page.

So, who are you and why should we care?
I am a mid-20s year old geek-proud geek. Okay, maybe not *exactly* mid-20s. Some people have bravely (or perhaps unwisely) noted this paragraph has remained strangely unchanged for a number of years now.

What kind of geek specifically?
The best kind. A computer geek.

So what kind of computer geeky stuff are you in to?
Linux. Security Enhanced Linux. Coding projects. Attending as many Open Source conferences as I can. Meeting other geeks who are all working for The Greater Good and all that funky stuff. Playing old C64 games.

Why lurking-grue.org? If you don't know where a lurking grue comes from, I'm going to leave you in the dark (without a brass lantern).

Hit me with your cool links stick!
Interesting (mostly geeky) links.

What do you do for a living?
From August 2000 to April 2003 I was based in Amsterdam working as a contractor doing Unix systems administration. Check out my not-really-a-CV if you're interested. Currently I am based in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Russell and I am doing some freelance contract work as well as working on documentation for Security Enhanced Linux.

In August 2004 Russ and I had a baby boy named Andre Michael Coker. Well, I did the hard part and Russ did the fun part. Andre has inherited Russell's first stuffed toy which is, you guessed it, a penguin.

Since early 1996 (I was at uni before that) I have been employed as a full time Unix Systems Administrator here and there. Have been toying with Linux since '93.

I've been everywhere, man...
Since moving to Amsterdam, I've been fortunate to visit a number of places. All of The Netherlands, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Brussels, Venice, Antwerp, London, Dublin and other parts of Ireland and Paris.

Give me some good restaurant recommendations!
Click here to view my wanky restaurant recomendation guide. Only here because quite a number people ask me for good restaurants in Amsterdam and other places I've travelled (I don't know why).

Only for serious discussion. When I am on, I'm in #selinux (where my nick is fayec) on irc.debian.org.

You're a chick, you're in to Linux, why aren't you on those Linux Chix-ish mailing lists and discussions?

Because I was subscribed briefly in the past and found it all quite not-my-cup-of-tea and have not bothered since. I could rant about this for a long time, but I can't be stuffed. I'm a geek, I'm a girl, and I'm happy to leave it at that.

Why is your page so basic and boring?
Because I like it that way.