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Not all of the companies listed below are specifically Montessori, but they do sell toys, educational items and furniture which can be found in a Montessori home or school. Gonzagarredi and Nienhuis are the only two AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) approved manufacturers of Montessori equipment in Europe and the quality of their products is simply superb. This is not to say that equipment made by other companies is inferior (however, in a lot of cases the prices are much lower). A word of warning however: I have purchased products from the 'cheaper' Montessori manufacturers and let me just say that there's a reason why they're so cheap... poor quality that couldn't withstand one day of light use by a toddler whereas the Gonzagarredi items in our home have withstood lots of toddler and adult usage and are still in excellent shape.

I have also included links to online stores where you can purchase fine quality baby wooden toys. I am a big fan of brands like Haba and Selecta. The products meet the strictest European safety standards, and are quite beautiful.

Australia and New Zealand

Think Education Supplies supply Gonzagarredi and other items including furniture and classroom equipment.

Australian Educational Resources have a great range and are a Nienhuis partner.

Montessori Books has a great range of titles to choose from.

Montessori Down Under

Montessori Market

Geppetto's Workshop

Leura Bears

Windmill. They have a fantastic catalogue.

Judius. Ask them for a copy of their catalogue.

Boy and Girl is a great toyshop at 495 High St Prahran 3181 in Victoria.The staff are extremely knowledgeable. Last I heard, they were considering opening an online shop.

The Hip Infant. They have some Haba and Heimess baby grasping toys.

Honeybee Toys. A good selection of fantastic European toys.

Kaleidoscope have the often-hard-to-find-in-Australia Infant Stim Mobile.

Kleen Design have some beautiful Flensted Mobiles.

Outside Australia and New Zealand

Montessori Outlet

Adena Montessori

Childcare Furniture Direct

Early School Materials Co.

Juliana Group. They sell Gonzagarredi items.

Tag Toys

Bruinds Montessori

Kaybee Montessori

Montessori Services


Albanesi Education Center has Montessori resources

Bambini Montessori Materials

Cabdev Montessori


Hello Wood

In-Print For Children

The Learning Store By Lakeview

The Montessori Workshop

Montessori Research and Development

Preschool Power!

Montessori World (UK)

Montessori Equipment


Flensted Mobiles make some of the most beautiful mobiles I have ever seen. They're not just for children either.

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