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I'm still in the process of adding links to the following pages. Some are blank but will not stay that way for too much longer.

If you know of any good links I can add to my Montessori pages, please email me ( I'm particularly interested in discussion forums as there don't seem to be too many around.

I will make special mention of Michael Olaf here. Michael Olaf is a California based business who produce an awesome catalogue of items used in a Montessori environment (both home and school). Not only do you get great descriptions and pictures of the items they sell, you also get lots of informative text explaining various aspects of the Montessori method. I recommend purchasing a copy or at the very least reading through the text Michael Olaf have available on their website. The catalogues are "The Joyful Child" (age 0-3) and "Child Of The World" (age 3-12).
Michael Olaf website

Suppliers of books, equipment and furniture used in Montessori environments

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