Faye Coker

(that's me)

You can find my document on "Getting Started with Security Enhanced Linux: the new SE Linux" here. Yes I know it is rather outdated. PDF file is here. Sorry, not planning on updating those.

The above document has been translated in to Russian and can be found at Thank you to Ivan Pesin for doing this.

My document on Introduction to Writing SE Linux Policy is here. PDF file is here.

My article for the August 2003 issue of Linux Journal, titled "NSA Security Enhanced Linux" in the Kernel Korner section of the magazine, can be found here:

I wrote an article titled "What's New in Fedora Core 3 SE Linux" for the Linux Journal website. It can be found here.

A brief About Me paragraph:
I'm a Linux sysadmin, currently self employed. At some point I suppose I should stick up a CV of sorts, but I'm not looking for work at the moment.

Over the years my attention (okay, obsession) has shifted to 2e/Twice Exceptional children, in particular exceptionally gifted with Asperger Syndrome. It is my dream to some day work in a capacity to help these amazing beings reach their full potential. I have seen these children be horrifically discriminated against and treated appallingly by schools and people claiming to specialise in ASD. I have great fondness for those children with behavioural difficulties and social struggles. If I end up teaching (special education) I would love to teach the children the system gives up on.

I firmly believe these wonderful children can be some of our greatest minds and achieve truly amazing things. Unfortunately they are rarely nurtured by the education system, particularly those with behaviour issues who are quickly unfairly labelled. These are the children I would dearly love to work with.

I have a particular interest in gifted girls with Asperger Syndrome and again, working with these children would be simply awesome.